Maylin Gouldie

Storyboard Artist





My background in direction (Gold and silver D&AD award winner, RTS, and Bafta nominee) enables me to understand the importance of a good storyboard, whether it is fast turnaround, impressionistic sketches for a shotlist, or full-on, beautifully detailed frames for a pitch.

A storyboard that demonstrates the mood and tone of a piece, telling the story thoroughly, can cut down drastically on a complex signing-off process or simply wow the client in selling an idea.

The language I use involves a certain realistic approach, rather than the more traditional comic book style of drawing.
I also sometimes combine drawing with photoshop, where needed. I thoroughly understand, and can visualise, the more abstract world of TV idents, that can involve traditional or 3d animation- concepts that can be unphotoshoppable (!) Equally, I am at home with the language of pure live action for commercials and promos, from drawing people (whether having to capture a likeness, or extreme expressions etc) to inanimate objects, through to speeding cars, and beautiful pack shots.

Being part of the early creative process, bringing a script to visual life for the first time is thrilling and exciting for all involved and every director works very differently.
However early, or late I am involved, I will always strive to bring that little bit extra to any job, and will grasp what is needed for that particular sequence.


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